The Heaven That Exists With You And Your Loved Ones

Heaven is not in the past nor in the future. Heaven is always here at the present time.

Heaven is also neither up in the skies, in the deep seas, over the mountains, or in any expensive buildings. Heaven only exists when one follows and obeys the laws of God.

Heaven will not exist because an individual achieved great feats, nor would it exist due to someone’s beauty. Heaven only exists between the those that  are closest together & care for.

Heaven can only be enjoyed and felt at the present now around those that love each other.

Don’t get caught up on the past mistakes and failures - possibly losing the present heaven that’s in now.

Don’t get threatened by fears of a frightening future. Do not be fooled by rosy future imagined by the greed inside. There will be no heaven nor hell there.

Failing to find the heaven in the present now can result in forever being pressed by the pressure of hell.

Enjoy the present now with the loved ones now, resulting in an enjoyable heaven forever. Forever is only an extension of the present.

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