A communal life started on removal of wealth

#If selfish desires and thriving can be breached, one can have a heavenly life to one.

To get rid of mosquitos one would not only have get rid of it but also their nest. [1 Timothy 6:9-10] Removing the source of their spawn is the basic idea in this sort of removal. As such, to destroy selfish desires could be the same just as the mosquito case by removing the source through the act of abandoning private assets.  

Do not fight with sin. To defeat this temptation of crime and sin one mustn't look or even gaze at it. In an instant he can get drawn into it as soon as he argue with his needs or desire.

Jesus told a wealthy young man to share all of his money and abundance to the poor. The way to break the mammon was to cease all his personal asset. [ Matthew 19:16-22] To regain or earn a truthful life was to abandon unnecessary riches and desires.

The young wealthy man who came to Jesus was a perfect, a perfect and righteous man by all accounts according to the law. However the young man couldn't cease his money and accept Jesus’ words. Yet other religious demands could be run without love and denial. Rather he was able to respond towards religious and ethical aspects for fulfilling his ego. Due to his social dignity, his desire of personal asset, the life of flesh, ownership and thrive has shown us his core.

Self denial without love is a proud righteousness, a law only for his own, but soon will show that he can follow the word’s of Jesus, the laws, and show his motives.

Like the wealthy young man and us who are living in the first world and the selfish desire of personal asset is a temptation to pass for those who follow Christ, if not, from this land it is impossible to live in the kingdom of God.

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