A Person’s Center - or the Engine - Replacing the Core

Replacing the engine and the fuel is real innovation. Boosting everything but the engine and fuel is simply improving the current quota.

There is a limit to improvements though. In the previous case it is time to change the engine and fuel towards innovation. Unlike a plane with a jet engine, a plane with an internal combustion engine can never break through the sound barrier & break the speed of sound.

No matter how many times you improve a horse carriage you can never expect the transportation to get any better or match the performance of engine driven cars. It goes same for an individual, it is difficult for a person’s core to change without replacing it with a engine and fuel.

Despite how many times an egoistic man changes or correct his/her habits, religion, or manners, it all starts and ends with ego. He/she will depend on their own ego and it is for their ego.

A man can be selfish and have desires of flesh, and he must kill the old life of Adam. If it is done by one, the egoistic life that was planted on the bottom will soon grow a new life and  replace its old egoistic self.

A person who can give up his/her life for love is a person that is ready for innovation.

From love to love for love one can change to his determinations, thoughts, actions, habits,lifestyle and the way of life to establish the Kingdom of Heaven.

What do we have to do in order to change our core and the Adam’s life?

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