The Growth and Discovery of Ego

The original native communities value was based on the interest of the community. [755p147] However since ego was found and the communities disbanded, ego had become the base of values.

Modern people will judge right and wrong according to whether if it’s beneficial or detrimental to the ego. The ego took root in a place where dedication and love should’ve rooted in.

The modern age has been dismantling nearly even the smallest community. Including family. The only value in the modern urban society is now personal individualism. Interpersonal crime, fraud, selfishness, and individualistic ambitions are major conflicts in this era.

Without changing the individualistic basis there can be no peace. The Kingdom of God movement in the New Testament was also a movement to recover the values of the community. To transcend the ego and no longer live a life for himself, but to live and dedicate to Christ and the brotherhood in the community.

After the time of Constantine dogma, and the doctrines of private salvation had become the core of the faith. Dogma is a theorized form of the ego. In other words, it had become religified. It was only a matter of time before religious deception and rebound followed. As a result, in the spot of Christ, priests and their theological interpretation took root.

The way to love Jesus (or Christ), is to love smallest person in your community. The churches however ignored these teaching and claimed that dedication to the institutional churches could replace those teachings. This in turn was a betrayal to Jesus. They emphasized religious commitment and loyalty while claiming that the Kingdom of God did not exist from the start. Finally in the place of Jesus, Constantine and his descendants were placed.

The people had once again lost their way because of this, but from individual ego to religious and imperialistic ego. The a strong religious ego leads to more prideful people, which in turn leads to imperialism. Western imperialists used this as their operating energy for the imperial system. With this the situation had turned for the worse.

It seems western Christianity for a long time was an era of false Christs and Antichrists. Ego’s era has evolved and persisted through time. The quality of inner life has deteriorated since the beginning of the ego era.

Maybe to overcome the brutality between tribes (clans), people need to go through their spiritual journey while facing it. To do this, people must first discover themselves and not see each other as just a part of clan but as individual. As his own person. This way people will be able sympathize and feel each other's pain.

Through imperialism, racism, and local sentiments continue to reveal our double moral standards. Because of us, because of our weakness and foolishness we harm and get harmed by one another.

A majority of people have yet to overcome the hurdle of double standards. Only some people from the Nordic (northern) European seem to have escaped the double moral standards.

After the stone age the clan centric lifestyle declined and was replaced with nations and kingdoms. The cohesion and solidarity of nations have increased, but at the same time the cohesion and solidarity of families have deteriorated.

The prophecy that people’s family members would become their enemies had come true. From a positive point of view the age of family centric age had come to age.

As how the clans have declined, the time where the nations fall may have come. Optimistically, this would end nation centric age and in turn ending national double standards.

Genesis and the Tree of Knowledge shows how the clans foundations were shaken by people's desire of individual or family wealth. How with the name of family they had shook the unity of the clan. [755p149] The first murder came from the first recorded family. Thus starting the history of violence.

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