Lead to Community of Goods

Hutterites have gone beyond the temptations of ownership and desires of flourishing. For nearly 500 years they have shared the gospel of love and proceeded the Community of Goods. They have made a community for not only to oneself but a life committed to one another.

As an example, a healthy family do not require to distinguish belongings from each other on who owns what. Like this, for they are Jesus’ brothers and sisters, it becomes possible to give up what you own for your family.

Since these brothers & sisters exist in a new society, a human society will not only re-appear but keep it going. This is the way of a disciple and it is the way to learn and follow. As a result, a Christian communist society in another word, Community of Goods will be created.

The ones who are overwhelmed by the fear for the survival are the ones that don't get eaten. Through its own death they win their death and find the way of Jesus Christ. Those people who chose love will be the ones to enter the gate of heaven.

To become a disciple of Christ, one must carry the cross and catch up with Him. He will have to forget and cease self concerns and care. Above anything else abandon the desire of life, possession, and thriving. This is the so called giving up your personal asset.

Different Christians and Anabaptist groups have failed to succeed in a communal society because many cannot forgo their desires for success. Everyday they fail to carry the cross that was granted to them.

A man with no love yet with the desire of life be the seed to catastrophe. To destroy the life for oneself, one must kill his ego and by fulfilling love to friends and families, he will give up his life of desire and thriving.[ John 15:13 ] Through that achievement he will become the disciple of Jesus, and within the crowd of those people their relationships will grow into a Christian communist society.

If there is true Gelassenheit they do not waiver to desires. To truly abandon desire is to forgo personal assets. This in leads to a joint owned community, which results to a communistic society. Community does not lead to a communist society by ideology or knowledge, but through their own death of love and devotion they can create the Community of Goods.

Why did atheistic communism fail? It couldn't give up the desire of possession and thriving? Or rather is it because of communist society use the strength of desires and thriving, and through the victory of of it people fell into self-contradiction.

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