Being Honest About the Truth

When meeting our Hutterite friends they told us “Unlike you, who live in the world where money rules, we acknowledge the truth with honesty.”

This refers that even if the truth is written in the Bible it is natural for us to reject the truth because of our ego and pride. Or at certain moments, twist it to fit our current needs.

The Hutterites also use the term “High Mind” as the Amish. The saying from both groups refer to the state of our hearts - a prideful state.

Pilate asked Jesus “What is the truth?”, however, Jesus did not answer the question. Many of us don’t really know what Pilate had done wrong. Just like Pilate we have a high mind and we try to judge the truth with our own ego.

This is an era of human’s ego that dominates the generation. It is also a generation of so-called Christians that do not have any sort of resistance of worshiping their own desires. [Philippians 3:19, Romans 16:18] How will we acknowledge the truth with honesty?

Not all of us will find freedom through truth and honesty. Rather a man who preaches about the truth can be making an even bigger sin, for they do not know the absolute truth. Only a few amongst us can only recognize the truth. Many amongst us believe it fits in this category.

Without a foul heart one must find the way to honestly accept the truth.

Both Pilate and the centurion share a similarity, they're like the Gentiles. Each figure shows a good and a bad model of Gentiles.

Pilate who followed the tradition of Greek philosophy was a rational man. With a human heart and mind, he tried to cut out the truth of God. Ego’s throne is righteousness. For them, the truth is only an arrogant ego that satisfies their embellishment.

The centurions showed obedience to the truth. Not the righteous truth but the truth of absolute authority.

Jesus said those who don't have foul hearts are the true Israelite. [John 1:47] Jesus did not keep a Pharisee or a Nicodemus as his disciple, they had a high mind and a complex heart. Rather he wanted people that could intuitively recognize him as the Messiah. Pure hearts that didn't lose their ability to be genuine were the ones Jesus embraced as his disciples.

The ability to see the truth and that truth is the human ego, however, it does not seem to be in logic. Understanding is a given gift from the Holy Spirit, and where intuitive inspiration comes from. [1 Corinthians 2:4] The disciples of Jesus must intuitively understand, have obedience and an innocent heart of a child.

With the purity of the low ranked soldier and the simple centurions, these men could recognize the Messiah with their transparent eyes. The correct attitude towards the truth is the best way to show faith to God - simply shutting up & obeying.

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