Quantity vs Quality in Heaven

The reason why we subconsciously think that Heaven has a capacity is due to secular capitalism or in other word money - it’s sending us this message.

Don’t be greedy. Heaven does not have any capacity, there is no limit to how many people can get in. Ones that were widely acknowledged will not be there. Many will not choose to go to Heaven, and many of us will not be privileged to enter. Heaven doesn't come with the citizen’s opinion.

If Heaven had a class system, certainly an Emperor’s after life would be in Heaven, and if what was in a scale of money millionaires would be the first to settle in Heaven

Heaven does not have capacity or a class system. It cannot be reached by simply agreeing to it, but to submit to it. To earn the heavenly life, one must be devoted to the truth and through that, one can find happiness and joy.

People with secular mind built into their lifestyle can agree that heaven does not have any monarchy. However they would subconsciously think that that heaven has a population and buildings, they would think heaven is in a form of a secular world.

To earn trust from another don't heed caution towards their words, but look into one’s lifestyle where he spends his time and money, then it becomes possible to know true self.

People who act one way yet talk another are the most dangerous. For oneself’s kingdom they will increase the population, the size of buildings and destroy the Heavens if need be.  The ones who use Heaven as the pretext of their kingdom are the children of the serpent.

One should not be so greedy, Heaven does not contain worldly goods but it has peace and joy.

Only the people with the life of heaven can gather & make Heaven together. Despite a crowd of 1000 or even 10,000 - people cannot bring Heaven to their lives if they don’t have the life of Heaven within.

Even if it is a place with only two, it can be Heaven. If they all have a life of Heaven, if they have a communion of life that is heaven.

Don't be so greedy - Heaven is not about quantity but a fruitful life.

The size of the building will not bring someone to Heaven, for a building does not have an ability to grow or to replicate.

The life of Heaven grow by its own and has a ability to replicate. Even if it is the littlest child with Heaven residing in them, his life will grow, be matured and replicate it.

Even in the smallest seed of a plant, there is life, and though Heaven seems slow it will certainly grow. One should not be so impatient towards capacity, a life of heaven does grow there.

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