Enjoying The Kingdom of God With Gentleness

The reason why people would feel pain during work is due to the lack of meekness in their heart. Because the rough and sharpness of their heart is cutting itself.

All people who have the sin of Adam within them would feel greed when they come to face the Tree of Knowledge. Then the heart would grow rough and dry up. As a result, their spiritual breaths will become disjointed and out of sync. They would even pressure and harm their own heart, to pluck the fruit from tree of knowledge.

Meekness is many things. It is a relaxed nature. A form of transcendence. The wisdom of the knowing freedom. Being loving and compassionate. It is the overflowing of grace. It is the feeling of satisfaction and contentment. Meekness is the feeling of gratefulness of the present now and here.

Meekness is the outward result, of full inner peace. A transcended heart with no fear of temptations and provocation. A full inner peace with no room for shaking. Gentleness is a heart full rest and relaxation.

Meekness always comes with humbleness.

Gentleness is the happiness of a mature soul.

Drive with a tender heart, research with a meek heart, and work with a gentle heart. For a meek heart is like a fertile soil. It is neither too hard nor to soft. It has the just amount of moisture in it for great growth. That is a meek heart. A heart with great room and nutrients for growth.

Before doing anything, first obtain a meek heart. Then without rest keep praying and growing your given talents without wasting them. This will solve the dilemmas and pains in work

Be happy. If you are not happy, then everything and everyone around you would fail to be happy. If you cannot be happy with just being here and now, then no one would be able to give you happiness. Meekness is one of the ways to find true happiness. Not with the external world, ownership or achievement, but with modesty.

Those who are meek are with blessed hearts. These people will receive the inheritance of the Kingdom of Heaven .

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