Following the Jesus-Way in lifestyle

(I visited an Amish Village in Lancaster when I was residing in Pennsylvania. The picture was taken at the Anabaptist visiting center there.)

The Hutterites, Amish, and the Old Order Mennonites are quite different from the Modern Mennonites. They did not create schools about their belief nor did they try to interact with the outside world at an extensive rate. As such, it became difficult for me to study how they achieved a ‘Full Community’ without meeting them in person. I started to visit and to get to know these folks better through this travels.

In addition, I was able to listen to some Modern Mennonites as well who were willing to reveal their history and roots. And through it was clearer to see the Hutterites inner attitude in their communist like community. One of those characteristics can be portrayed here in the picture.

But whatever the case, be it the Hutterites, Mennonites, or the Amish, the Anabaptist wished to follow and serve Jesus Christ not in the way of a doctrine and religious consciousness, but rather through their life style and their way of being. Based on the interest and commitment to the Kingdom of God.

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