Our Way of Life and the Evaluation of Jesus

Jesus’ demand is obvious to those who wish to follow Him. We should completely overhaul the current way of life we are living now.

The moderates and self proclaimed Christians have a conflict in between each other. Mainstream Christians who claim to follow the Christ are truly moderates. To follow the words of Christ they adjust the message’s of the bible into their own and intentionally delivered and ruled their awareness.

From what mainstream Christians plea, Jesus was an extremist. [Matthew 19:18-22] Many mainstream Christians thought Jesus would accept them through just a simple change of attitude. However Jesus have simply stomped on their foolish hope.

Jesus claims that we should break down the current life and start again from the basic. In other words, a man’s mind cannot be changed unless he/she is reborn as a new person in the heart and mind. If that cannot be done they are not suitable for the Kingdom of Heaven.

In the terms of mainstream Christianity, we can only accept moderate changes within the system, and accept changes only in religious ways. As a spokesman of the mainstream Christianity, John Calvin said that we as Christians are not perfect. And it is true, we are all sinners. But he proposed that we must compromise until we meet the appropriate level! “God is the embodiment of love, He will forgive us!” What a twist in logic is this?

As such, these Christians tune and control the mission that was given to us by Jesus, just enough so our consciousness can be free. As an example. “Be kind to the ones you are close to!” “As a donation send them about $1000 every month.” “For the poor and neglected participate and volunteer!” The mainstream Christians only roughly understood Jesus’s command and is not ashamed to define themselves as disciples of Jesus.

Although what Jesus truly meant by saying being kind to neighbors is actually to be done more than it is written. Become a slave of Jesus and love your enemies like the good Samaritan, Jesus said that if a man cannot love their enemy it is impossible for one to love their neighbors. [Luke 10:36] However, does just by showing kindness to those who are close make a man a disciple of Jesus? Being kind to those who are close to you also includes the sinners and the ones who are not of Christ.

Among mainstream Christians , it is a great deed spending $X,XXX  in donations. But Jesus said that those who followed him should give out their all of their personal assets to the poor. [Matthew 19:21] Before Constantine, in the early Church if a person did not keep Jesus’ words they weren't even considered Christians. Some who weren't faithful were cursed or even killed. [Acts 5:1~5]

Wealthy mainstream Christians who live in luxurious homes believe that donating and volunteering for the poor was Jesus’ commandment. But Jesus did not say this to usor to his disciples.

Just like Jesus Christ who came down from heaven, not as an almighty king but as a low servant, He demands that we should join the Ghetto and become one. The early church’s saints were devoted towards this demand before Constantine.

Yet for modern mainstream Christians it is too much of an extreme demand for them. So instead, we favor more of other philosophers such as Confucius (among the East Asian nations), or Aristotle (among westerners). The teachings from Confucius or Aristotle however  shows that they are not a disciple of Jesus. Mainstream Christians are effectively more of a Confucius’ or Aristotle's disciple rather than Jesus’.

Each Sunday Christians go to church gatherings and say hollow words about Jesus. While at the same time, generalizing the true message from the Scriptures and ignoring the commandments from Him. While doing all that they do all the religious acts, adorn themselves in languages and hide their sins of disobeying.

The core of His teachings is love. [John 15:12] His teachings were to support and be warm to one another. It is a good start, but Jesus’ request was even more than that. Like Jesus Christ who gave up his life for us, He would expect us to act the way it is written in the scripture. [John 15:12]

Jesus told us the true meaning of love. Not in a vague or in an abstract way, but a concrete method on how to love as if one was a disciple of His. And those who perform the words of Jesus earnestly are the Anabaptists.

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