The Free City States

In a free city state there will be none who will suffer like today. Whoever it may be, the rich or poor all of their need will be given equally by the city. Every foods and needs will be bought from the city.

For the city purchases the food, monopolized deals from companies won't happen so easily. All deals and trades will be related to the city.

The items they have bought will be supplied to people in the original price. They do not sell it like the market logic.

However the city leaves the stock in the hand of a considerate man. This keeps the law of humanism. Then the generation of capitalism will be less important than the individual right.

Yet now capitalists do not care about the people inside the city that are dying and suffering but focus solely on the creation of more wealth. This is now fully possible with a selfish desire to aim for more is larger than the love for the individual neighbor.

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