The Basis of Self Jurisdiction and Mutual Support

The basis of the Medieval free cities and guilds were independent jurisdiction and mutual support between people. [755p214Tb]

An independent jurisdiction means independence from the law. In other words, it refers to a system in which people will self govern and the create their own laws. An alternative to a nation's police system - it is also an alternative or replacement of a whole country.

Mutual support or interdependent relations will enable joint ventures, as a result  it will solve numerous economic issues. Mutual support is also an alternative (or replacement) of a country. Mutual support will also save and free people from economic bankruptcy and enslavement that comes after that. In other words, through mutual support people will be free from being corporate slaves.

Thus the medieval free cities and guilds had all the functionality that the national police and officials traditionally had. Not just a self management system, but a replacement for a nation. The free cities and guilds were no longer dependent on a nation's political structure, only then did freedom truly come.

But even before the medieval guilds and free cities, the early Churches and the Anabaptist had taught not to go to court or the nation for disputes. Instead they had taught to come to the church for disputes and confrontations. In other words, it was the representation of independent justice. The churches were the first to follow the core execution of the Kingdom of God, they were the pioneers and realized the independent justice system.

Before Constantine and the merging of the Roman state with the church, the Churches were the best at these principles. But after the unification the Roman state become the kingdom for the Roman Catholic churches. So in the present day there are only few people like the Anabaptists that practice this principle.   

Independent governing and mutual support is the foundation of The Kingdom of God. But the difference between the early Church and the guilds were that in order to create their independent justice, they did not resort to violence and power. They had done it in a peaceful manner.

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