The Basis That Allowed Money To Rule

Every system has an underlying human foundation to it. The reason why the agriculture and the restaurant business is possible because people will always grow hungry. The art and design business is possible because people have strong desires for beauty.

Why is capital ruling this era? This is derived from the universal love for money. In a recent survey, it was revealed that people would throw away their families for just 1 million dollars. The simple survey clearly illustrates that capital and money have been ruling the modern age.

On the other hand, it is also true that because capitalistic living has taken root, people have grown to love money more than before.

At first, it was only the minority that showed unparalleled compassion towards money due to their wealth. But when they formed cities together, their power grew, and the people's dependency on them increased, which made the general populous flock to the city. Once a person is taken into the capitalistic system, most will get dominated by it. In turn, allowing their own love for money grow.

Money gives people the power to control and dominate over others. A small number of sick souls who recognize the power start a pathological pursuit of money in order to obtain that influence. Eventually they will accumulate capital, dominate the market, and monopolize in all profit. And to maximize their own profit they will paralyze the healthy market system and start their reign over it.

It is painful to be ruled over by somebody that’s not God, resulting in many people attempting to avoid being ruled by them - forcing these people to money. However this gives an opportunity to create more profits for the handful who already control the market and allows them to take control of the public’s desire. The majority will become a slave to their debt and money.

Those handful of people who are above this system wish to rule those not with the freedom and free will through the means of debts and money.

People should not accumulate money for oneself and their own salvation. Our first priority should be follow the path that God had given. Even so there won’t be many people who are faithful to the truth. They are people who have failed to jump the hurdle of the present age.  

Would people only understand the value and depth of community after facing the domination of money? Maybe the experience of the prodigal son to suffer under the rule of money may be needed for the majority. Then they will be able to see and understand the love of the Father.

The Kingdom of God is only for the returning prodigal son and not for those who are addicted and still drunk off money. Only the people that understand (돈독을) and know that their dying because of it, will be ready for the Kingdom of the God.

The story in Samuel Chapter 8 speaks this truth. The reason people accepted the order of the Kings is also the same.

In Samuel Chapter 8, the people willingly give up their freedom. They give up their independence identity, and they readily took the road of slavery. They voluntarily gave the power to a king and wished to have dependence on him.

[Samuel 8:20] Because of wishing to rule and reign with money, they themselves become a slave to the money. People had liked to be wealthy slave rather than a poor free man.

People would need to throw away any of their proud thoughts to be able to wake up from their illusion with money.

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