The Document of Hutterites

There are plenty of documents that can testify for the Hutterites. This is because they have maintained a close community lifestyle for nearly 500 years, but it wasn’t easy. The 50,000 people in the Hutterite community was once reduced to 15 in a violent persecution. Even when they have tried to begin their communal life again, the place around them had become a warzone. And due to this, they had no choice but to go into lands where no one had ever been. However this had led to a lot of suffering.

I have yet to meet a Hutterite who wish to write and teach about all their beliefs, practices, or the lifestyle to the outside world despite their long history and culture.

On the other hand, people outside the community are quite interested in the Hutterites. People from all over talk about the beliefs and lifestyle of the Hutterites. Social activists, theologians, and other communities have come to visit the Hutterites. Some of these guests have in turn written books, papers, and articles regarding the Hutterites, Amish, and other Anabaptists.

I believe that their interest in the Hutterite community is partially from their own crisis. The modern western-Christianity have been losing their faith and the value of the past have slowly diminished. Due to this, the mainstream Christian community have been smaller.

The Hutterites that I have known had felt very little about the curiosity of the outsiders. I had asked why they felt so and they had replied that there was only interest but no execution. The people were only interested and did not live like they did in reality. If there was no love and obedience, then there would be no life style.

James Valley Colony is a Hutterite community that had opened their doors for visitor for over 20 years. And many people have visited in interest and curiosity. But no one in the crowd of people who had visited had ever decided to execute what they had seen in the Hutterite community. In other words, they were all talk and no actual “love”.

To them all the books and articles about the Hutterite and Anabaptist community was nothing more than ”sounding brass or a clanging cymbal” [1 Corinthians 13:01]

I often feel fatigue from the religious hypocrisy found in these writings. They do not intend to obey the commands of Jesus through self sacrifice and discipleship and remain satisfied with just proving and debating over religious doctrines. [Matthew 7:26]

The Hutterites however do not wish to speak or write about their beliefs. They wish to show it through obedience and beliefs through in their lives. Through their intimate and dedicated relationships. Through the lives and proof of their communal lifestyle.

Nevertheless, should we not take up the pen?

It is necessary to testify and witness the lives of Hutterite. In other words, in order for people(those few who would be able to understand and are ready to listen to the sound of their spirit) to know see the lives of Hutterites, there must be a messenger.

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