The Fight To Put Up The Cross, Babylon and the Kingdom Of God

Individualists and egoist only look for their rest and comfort when they view the cross. This is because their priority interest only lies with blessings in their current life, their personal salvation and happiness, and eternal life.

However, as a citizen of the Kingdom of God, one must accept the responsibilities through the cross of self sacrifice and willingly submit to God, and to stand before the cross to make the corrupted world submit to God’s order.

Essentially, institutional Christianity complacent about their reality. They instinctively distinguish the spiritual and worldly realms. They wish and seek comfort from the reality instead of self sacrifice. They do not understand the pain of Christ when he is seeing the corrupted world. For them they are completely comfortable with their reality of a corrupted world. They do not feel the need nor wish to change the current world and remain complacent. They are easily controlled by the world.

Community churches believe that the Kingdom of God is dynamic. hey are those who believe that God’s will should be done on earth as it is in heaven. God did not abandon those who were lost in the world but sent His only Son, Jesus Christ for them. God had intervened and Christ had come to the world - as a result becoming impossible to separate the world from heaven.. According to the order of heaven, Kingdom of God already had come down to the world.

To this end, God will call those who are ready to follow Christ, including their life. Moses threw away his name as a prince for God’s Kingdom and believed in it til the end. Since the coming of Christ, many disciples threw away everything they had and carried their cross for the coming of Kingdom of God's. [Hebrews 11:38]

However the world is not a suitable living place for these people. This is why they do not go to court,live in expensive homes, or partake in national violence. They will sometimes go out to the wilderness to pray like John the Baptist had. [Matthew 11:7 ~ Matthew 11:9] They went to the wilderness to be separated from the world like the Essene's did during John The Baptist's time and the prophets before him. Their vibrant and enthusiastic faith had brought them out to the wilds and away from the world.

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