The Presence of Egocentric Knowledge

Not all wisdom are equal. According to the Bible, man's wisdom came from the Tree of Knowledge. If you look into the book of Genesis, human knowledge was awakened by eating the fruit while questioning what is the best decision for oneself. [Genesis 3:6] The Bible tells us that man’s knowledge start was self-centered. This means that a human’s knowledge is self centered by nature.

This is why most people are foolish at work when in commitment with their neighbor, while being wise when it’s a for himself. In other words, people are wise at evil, but foolish in good. This kind of wisdom or knowledge is a disaster for one another. As a result, man had become the biggest disaster for man.  [Romans 16:19]

The reason why humans have developed this kind of mindset is because of their interest in it. It’s because people have been greatly interested in evil ways while good has been ignored. The fact that all of people's wisdom has been in the weapon’s industry shows what kind nature humans are in.

Consequently egocentric wisdom can be filled with falsehood and prejudice. This wisdom is driven by the ego of wishing to rule and manipulate the world for itself.

True wisdom comes from heaven and the spirit, while worldly wisdom and knowledge comes from your ego. The wisdom coming from heaven has a complete opposite nature from the self-centered world wisdom.

In many cases, having  pompous knowledge dominate the personality would be spiritually dangerous. ost humanly wisdom stems from the ego and the need to fill it’s worldly desires - resulting in the dangerous spirit. That ego would try to control everything to it’s needs, even by using the holiest worship or religious justification. .

The biggest and first thing a selfish intellect would harm is himself. Since it will make him an isolate from God and his neighbors.

For this reason, you can not expect healthy spiritual insight from egocentric people. Their self serving intellect would block all spiritual messages and blaspheme the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, those who only train and decorate their individualistic wisdom all have low levels of spirit. These people will fail to reach God. With the help of law, an individualistic mind may be able to know what is right and wrong, however such a heart would never be able to practice the God centered altruistic love for others. [Romans 7:21, Romans 7:18]

To earn the true wisdom from heaven and God, you would need to do as apostle Paul had and throw away yourself (ego) and your worldly wisdom. Only through this can one obtain the ability to do good for others.

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