The Topic of the Gospels?

Jesus had delivered the Gospel. His teachings and words were the Gospel. Then what was the topic of Jesus’s Gospel and sermons? Without looking into the lens of all the theologians, or what the modern Christianity believes in, what were Jesus' teachings? This isn’t too hard to find. If you look at Luke 4:43 you can see Jesus’ own confession.

[NKJV] but He said to them, "I must preach the kingdom of God to the other cities also, because for this purpose I have been sent."

Jesus himself stated His own reason - to proclaim or preach the Kingdom of God. NIV and ASV Bible all translate this to “the good tidings of Kingdom of God”. But uniquely the King James Version translate to just “the Kingdom of God”. The original Greek text for “preach”, “εὐαγγελιστής” or “Euaggelizo” also carries the meaning of “bearer of good tidings”.

However with our modern age the reason of Jesus' arrival in Earth is mentioned rarely or explained vaguely. It’s not only the Bible translation but people put emphasis on the “Gospel” and not “The Kingdom Of God” even though that is the core concept in the Gospel.

In reality, the mainstream Christian Churches doesn’t include “The Kingdom Of God” in its Gospel. What they teach is mostly about the need of salvation, our sins, God’s love of humanity, etc. It’s as if they mean to say that Jesus had come down as ransom for humanity.

Jesus most certainly did say that as well. However, that was not His intended message for the people. There was only one point in the Bible where Jesus mentions rebirth, and that was only in a private conversation with Nicodemus. There was only once where dying for the redemption of humanity was mentioned. And finally there only 5~6 cases where Jesus had said salvation himself.

Even so, most people believe that Jesus’ core teachings were rebirth, repentance, and salvation.

In retrospect, the amount of times the Kingdom of God is mentioned comes to around one hundred times. Not only that, all of Jesus’ parables are about the the Kingdom of God. Quite frankly, you can find that Jesus proclaims the coming of the Kingdom of God anywhere in the new testament.(Matthew 4:17, Matthew 4:23, Luke 9:11, Matthew 9:35)

Unfortunately, in the present all of Jesus’ teachings about the Kingdom of God have been ignored and neglected. So what then controls all teaching in the modern day? It is all about private salvation and not the Kingdom of God.

Then why did we lose focus on Jesus’ true message? How did the Kingdom of God get neglected? The cause of it will be issues related to our nature, historical, and political context. You would need to know these issue to see the bigger picture and answer to the questions.

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