Why Do Only Few Choose To Follow The Way Of The Christ?

The majority of people cannot be expected to go through the path of self-denial and selflessness. Such lifestyle results may lead to a sinless and faultless kingdom. Unfortunately, the majority will never follow this method of self-denial or carry their own cross. In fact, those same people would bend the rules of God to accept and mingle with those who deny the way of Christ. This would be no longer the Kingdom of God.

For the kingdom of God there cannot be any compromises of its principles. However, if these principles and rules are not compromised, only a few would choose to follow them. To make these rules bend for the majority, the basis of self-sacrifice would have to be given up. In the end, foregoing the law of self-sacrifice would no longer result in the Kingdom of God.

As following, God's Kingdom is a kingdom for only the select few who are able to follow this path of Christ. The rest of the majority would not be able to follow nor recognize the narrow road, this is the grim reality that Christ had seen. Doing the work of God's kingdom means that to follow the way of the minority. This, is as Jesus had stated, id a narrow path that only a few can choose to follow.

Those who cannot give up being apart of the majority, wouldn't they also fail to get into God's Kingdom?

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